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Barter Means Only Exchange & Saving Cash

Direct one-on-one barter can be great, but a barter exchange takes trading to another level – it’s barter, only better! Community Barter Exchange (CBX) has transformed the typical type of direct-trade transactions and made it smarter, easier and infinitely more valuable.
When business barter with Community Barter Exchange, they enjoy many profitable benefits, including:
  • New Customers
  • Incremental Sales
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Competitive Edge
Community Barter Exchange acts as the clearinghouse for member trades, while at the same time becoming a strong source of marketing and generating new business for client members. Like a bank, Community Barter Exchange keeps a secure record of all transactions. As a client member, you will have access to your account by calling or visiting the office, or any time on the Internet. Community Barter Exchange takes care of recording all of your sales and purchases, and you will receive monthly statements detailing your account activity. It’s that easy!
Community Barter Exchange :
Barter Swap Products Generates New Business. Community Barter Exchange actively promotes your company to hundreds of other local companies, as well as thousands of potential customers nationwide. All barter business generated is over and above your normal cash-paying customers.
Businesses trade to buy what they need or want, and pay for them with the additional sales of their own product or service.
Improve Cash Flow With Community Barter Exchange :
It’s a simple rule of business that increasing cash flow requires either increased income or decreased costs. Bartering through Community Barter Exchange allows you to do both.
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As a Community Barter Exchange member, you gain increased purchase power when you trade what you have for what you need. You simply buy what you need from other CBX members by using Trade Dollars earned from selling what you have within the network. This allows you to save your working capital for other needs. Using CBX barter currency instead of cash, you decrease your cash costs by paying for what you need with revenue from new sales within the CBX network. And when you purchase a product or service using CBX, it is paid for with new business … business that may have never happened if you were on the outside and not a member of Community Barter Exchange.
Barter Means New Cash Sales :
That’s not a misprint – yes, we said cash sales. When you complete a good job successfully for another Community Barter Exchange client, they will undoubtedly direct their cash-paying family, associates, friends and customers to you. Growing your business will always be linked directly to referrals from your satisfied customers. CBX continually strives to improve your overall bottom line. As you become more successful, we become more successful.
Community Barter Exchange Makes Record-Keeping Easy :
Community Barter Exchange works much like a bank, providing control, keeping records, and supporting an administration for your barter exchange activities. Direct trading can be cumbersome and complex, especially at record-keeping time. There’s no requirement for you to keep detailed records of all of your trades – CBX serves as a clearinghouse that easily and securely handles that for you. Using state-of-the-art technology to track all of your barter exchange sales and purchases, Community Barter Exchange provides you with an easy-to-read detailed monthly statement. You also have 24-hour access to your account via Internet access.
Community Barter Exchange Means Added Profits :
Added profits are realized by participating businesses within Community Barter Exchange because of the new customers that trade creates. Sellers in a barter network typically make ongoing trade sales (over and above their cash business) and elevated sales mean elevated profits.
Community Barter Exchange Means No Bad Debts :
Community Barter Exchange trading takes the aggravation out of collections. When you make a trade sale to a Community Barter Exchange member, you call ahead for approval to verify that your customer (the buyer) has the CBX Trade Dollars available to pay for their purchase from you. Upon delivery or order completion, a simple signed transaction slip establishes the final transfer of funds. It’s that simple.
Wholesale Buying Power With Community Barter Exchange :
Using Community Barter Exchange, the real cost of the products and services you buy through trade is really the wholesale cost of your trade currency earned.
By trading what they have for what they need, the buyer gets to purchase at his or her wholesale cost. In other words, every business owner who sells goods, for example, presumably purchases inventory at wholesale cost (in order to sell at some higher retail market price); by trading those goods for something else they want or need (and otherwise would have paid cash for), they increase their purchase power by the amount of their own profit margin.

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